Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Long Overdue Update

We have managed to stay infection free for two months. Hopefully our bad spell from the summer is really over and we won't have to worry about replacing his line for years to come.

Sam continues to be healthy and happy. He is growing up way too fast. He has been quite the bundle of energy lately and is in a new phase where he can't sit still. Ever. Not even for one minute. He is continuing to hit developmental milestones and has been steadily gaining weight.

Sam and Deb traveled to Boston last week for a check up and everything looks good. His anemia has improved and all of his lab work looked great.  The first uneventful trip to Boston in six months.

Sam's wavy/curly hair finally got to me enough this week that we finally cut all of the crazy baby hair off. He has had a few trims over the last year, but this time we went a little shorter. You can check out Sam's new haircut on our new photo page. I have been busy uploading about 3300 pictures from the last 6 years and have expanded the photo page on Sam's site to include almost all of our family pictures since Deb and I were married. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrating Gavin's Life

Many of you that follow Sam have also been following Gavin Owens and will know that Gavin received his wings Sunday evening.  Gavin's parents said it best and I am going to post their last journal entry below:

"Is it really possible to be healed without actually receiving what most would consider a physical healing?  I think so.  Yesterday at 10:42pm Adam and I witnessed first hand the total healing of our little boy.  While snuggled up with Mommie and Daddy Gavin slowed his breathing and his little heart stopped beating -- his body found complete and total healing.

Gavin's death was one filled with so much sorrow and hurt yet so much peace and joy flowed freely in that room.  Our little boy is healed.  Our hearts are hurting so bad and will forever miss our little fighter yet the sense of peace that flows is so beautiful and indescribable.

You have no need to fight anymore my sweet little boy"

We found Gavin's website shorty before Sam was diagnosed with Microvillus Inclusion Disease and we have been following him ever since.  We have found strength in Adam and Karen, more strength than I ever would have imagined to be humanly possible.  No matter how sick Gavin was, he lived life.  His parents packed up Gavin and all of his equipment and gave him a chance to experience so much in his short three years. They are inspiration to parents with medically fragile children everywhere.

One of the things that always amazed me about Gavin was his incredible smile.  It was always a joy to check Gavin's website and see a new picture of that bright, smiling face looking back at me.  His face and his story are not one that I will ever forget.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Sad Day

Our friend Gavin is in his final hours.  His amazing parents have worked very hard the last three years to give him as many experiences as they possibly could and they are now preparing to say goodbye.

Please take a moment today to leave a message for him and his family at his website .