Saturday, April 6, 2013

Big News And a New Video

Sam and I were in Boston this past Thursday for a regularly scheduled check up.  The appointment was uneventful and Sam and I had a pretty good day.  We also got to meet up briefly with Scott and Brad Shutka (Brad also has MID) after our appointment for a little while.

Sam's labs continue to look good each month.  He gained almost two pounds since our visit at the beginning of February.

Our next visit to Boston, in June, will include a Dexa Scan so we can check his bone density and get a bone age for him.  We have not had any issues, but it is not uncommon for kids on TPN to have bone issues.  It's standard for Boston to check this at about 5 years old.

We will also be attending the annual Oley conference in Massachusetts during the same week in June as our appointment in Boston.  We are looking forward to getting together with several other MID families and many other families with similar issues to share stories and advice.

Today I posted a new video.  This one is titled "19 hours" and follows us on one of our one day trips to Boston.

We also have some BIG NEWS to share.  Sam is potentially going to be featured on the prime time news program Rock Center with Brian Williams.  They are planning a story about Omegaven and our family was chosen to be one of the families featured.  A film crew will be in Wisconsin in the near future to interview us and the story should run on television in the next several months.  We will post the air date as soon as we find out for sure.