Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long Overdue Update

It has been quite awhile since we updated everyone, but there really has been very little to tell.

Sam is doing very well and slowly gaining weight and growing. He is about 13 1/2 pounds now.

We have been working on sitting and standing. Sam picked up sitting very quickly and is a pro. Standing is going a little more slowly, but we are getting the feeling that we are going to skip over crawling and move right to walking.

Eating for him continues to be a challenge. We keep at it, but mostly he just pushes stuff around in his mouth until it is runny enough to drip out.

Sam gave us a little scare over Thanksgiving, He started vomiting a lot, which continued the next day. Due to some confusion we spent a few hours in the ER, but were sent home after they realized that we were already monitoring for dehydration and giving him extra fluids at home. Things seem to be better now and more back to normal.

Jason & Sam will be headed back to Boston on January 7th for a check up and we can't wait to show off everything Sam has accomplished since his last visit.

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