Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Update

We had a better night last night as both Sam and I managed to get some sleep. We had a little interruption from 1 AM to 2 AM as it was hard to sleep through the PA announcements every ten minutes announcing "ATTENTION PERSONEL, CODE BLACK, TORNANDO WARNING UNTIL 2:00 AM". What a storm that was. All while being on the 11th floor of a building completely covered in glass.

Sam is in a better mood and obviously feeling better although he is getting very bored. Still no sign of infection in his blood, so we are moving ahead with the plan to insert a new central line. As our luck would have it, we are headed into the weekend. They still may be able to have surgery place a new line on Sunday if there are not many emergencies. More likely the new line will be placed on Monday with a discharge on Monday afternoon or evening or Tuesday morning. Unfortunately this means spending the next three days with Sam feeling very well, but not able to do much.

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