Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a week...

Since our last post things have been... crazy.

The skin on Sam's chest began to break down shortly after his surgery to place his new central line in Boston. It became so irritated that Sam did everything he could to scratch at it and we did everything we could to keep him away from it.

Sam won most of those battles and we lost several dressings. There is nothing more terrifying than going to get Sam out of bed and realizing that most of what was a sterile dressing is now laying in the crib. We have changed some of the products that we use for dressing his insertion site and made progress in healing the last few days. Now if we can just stay infection free we should be all set for a few years.

On top of all of the dressing issues, I was sick all of last week (PS getting tested for the flu is NOT pleasant). Lot's of crud going around. I think after the party this weekend we will be going into winter mode. We are headed to the Building For Kids to celebrate Ryan's 5th Birthday a little late on Saturday. The last time Sam was there was right before we went to Boston for the first time. He slept in his stroller almost the entire day. I have a feeling we are in for a long day of trying to keep up with him this time. Have we mentioned that he is running now???

We will get some pictures, maybe video from the party posted as soon as we can.

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