Saturday, November 12, 2011

As good as it gets

Getting a good picture of Sam can be a challenge.  Getting a good picture and a smile at the same time has just about proved impossible.  So we'll take this years school picture...

I am not sure when he grew up so much, but there really isn't any trace of baby left in Sam.  He has progressed to being a little boy, something we were never sure we would get to see.

Nothing much else new to report.  Sam and I will be headed to Boston in the coming week.  We are still dealing with granulation tissue at his central line site, and we most likely will have to deal with it until there is a need to change the line and place a new one.

His vomiting fits have almost completely vanished since we introduced an oral probiotic to his daily medications.  It's more of a guessing game really, as we could just be in one of his good periods, but we will take in either way.

Sam is doing well in school and making great strides in his speech development.  We are still hoping that he will be doing well enough at the end of 4K next school year to join his brother in the Spanish bilingual program at school.  If he is not far enough along developmentally, then he will need to attend school in a regular classroom, at a different school than his brother, which will break Ryan's heart.  Ryan is already excited to be riding the bus with Sam to school a year and a half in advance.

Thanks to everyone who has made purchases at the Selling for Sam site.  Deb has been busy creating all kinds of new items for the store.  Don't forget she takes customer orders if you are looking for something you don't see there.

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