Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Day, A Little Less Sleep

We are still adjusting to everything new at home, but I think we are managing fairly well. If we could just add a few hours to each day so that we had more time to play with the boys and get a little more sleep...

Sam had a rough night last night, he was very cranky and was awake on and off almost the entire night. Since his stool output varies so much we never know if we are going to have a busy day or busy night. Yesterday we had a pretty good idea it was going to be a rough night when Sam had no stool output for almost 5 hours in the afternoon. It all has to come out sometime, but we prefer it to be on the low end of his cycle when we are trying to sleep.

Yesterday Jason took Sam out to a quick visit to the store and stopped at work with him, today Deb went out for lunch and took him along. We are trying to learn, in small doses, what it will be like to take Sam away from home for short and long periods of time and come up with creative solutions to what we encounter. We are determined to live as normally as possible and have Sam out and about as we would with any other baby. We have definitely learned that if you need to be somewhere by 10 AM, and you need to get Ryan ready, and Sam ready, and have all of Sam supplies ready, it is best to just forego sleep and start getting ready overnight :) .

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