Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More thoughts on medical care...

I was reading our post below and comparing it to another blog for another child who has Microvillus Inclusion Disease and what they went through shortly after the diagnoses. Unlike their situation I just wanted to add that although our doctors may not be willing thus far to apply to bring Omegaven here, they have been supportive and excellent. After reading someone elses horror story, it has made us appreciate all the more the excellent care that Sam and the rest of our family have received from Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. They are the ones who first mentioned Omegaven to us and told us that it was very promising. We are very lucky that Sam has been so healthy this long, and we owe a lot of this to the team of doctors who cared for Sam going all the way back to the NICU (and I can't forget all of the nurses who paid special attention to Sam too!). Our doctors have never told us that we should give up hope for a long, happy, almost normal life for Sam. They have been open and honest and explained all of the challenges that we may face while still telling us that there is hope, even if it many miles away.

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