Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Teeth And Nothing To Do With Them

Although we have posted a few journal entries lately, we haven't done a Sam update in a little while...

We are up to two teeth. I remember when Ryan was teething and what a nightmare it was. Sam is apparently not bothered by teething. He goes to bed at night with one tooth and wakes up the next day with two. No crying, no fussing. We are attributing this to his incredible tolerance for pain which has seemed to developed with his multiple pricks and pokes throughout his life.

Our calorie increase has helped us gain some weight and we are now just less than 15 pounds.

He is his normal happy self most days and his favorite thing is still his big brother. We have not made any progress with crawling, but Sam is starting to get around. It is a little scary when you turn your back for a minute and he has rolled halfway across the room and is at the end of his line.

Things are also not progressing with eating. Sam will take food in his mouth and his oral aversion is better, he just won't swallow food. He is happy as can be with a Ritz cracker. He breaks off pieces into his mouth, pushes them around, and spits them out.

Thanks to a few people we are getting a little relief. We are going to work hard over the next few months to get Grandma and Gramps comfortable with Sam's care so that they can watch him when they are up to it. We also have started the process to (hopefully) get approved through Medicaid for some private duty nursing. For now we have received a generous gift from the members of Artistic Threadworks which will help us cover some private duty nursing each month and we have found a nurse to help us out for a few hours each week who we are more than comfortable with. (THANK YOU SHERRI) Sheri took care of Sam in the NICU and spent quite a few hours with him when he was first admitted. She is also helping us get all of the paperwork in order to apply for private duty nursing through the state - any help with red tape is always appreciated.

That is really all of the news we have for this week. Thank You to everyone who sent letters and emails on Emerson White's behalf, her story has been picked up by several media outlets and the state is now working with her family to help them come up with a solution.

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