Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

What a busy few weeks we have had!

We managed to spend Christmas day at home with no major incidents and no time in the hospital. Sam really didn't know what to make of the presents, but he enjoyed the wrapping paper. I think we would have saved a lot of money if we just would have given Sam paper for Christmas, it was his favorite thing. Ryan's favorite things seem to be Sam's toys, but only when Sam is playing with them first.

We spent a relaxing day at home for Christmas; we didn't even take the time or energy to shovel the driveway. Jason paid dearly for it the next day though when we got 4 or 5 more inches of snow on top of the 3 or 4 inches that were already in the driveway. But Santa left many presents and it was so warm in front of the fire.

We spent the Saturday after Christmas at Grandma and Gramps house. Saturday morning gave us a little scare when Sam's TPN became disconnected from his line. Deb went to set him down on the floor and noticed blood seeping through his clothes. Since we had just finished cleaning him up from his nightly poop-o-rama we were very worried about a line infection. Sam was very warm that afternoon and we were preparing to take him in to the hospital when we got back to Appleton. By the time we got home, no fever and everything was back to normal. It looks like no dirty bugs got in the line.

Another relaxing day, although loud (which is typical for Jason's family gatherings). We may have to post the video of Tanya, almost halfway through her pregnancy, hula hooping on Wii Fit. It is really hysterical to watch each other hula hoop with no hula hoop.

It was nice for all of us to get to spend the entire day together, and Sam had his first tooth break through his gums that day!

Today Sam is ten months old! At times it feels like the last 10 months flew by - other times it feels like Sam has been around for 10 years. When we look back on the last 10 months it is so amazing to see him so healthy, learning, smiling, laughing, and starting to move (we are not prepared yet for Sam to be mobile so he can feel free to take his time on this).

We were also happy to learn this week that we have gotten our home nursing care back. This is at least enough so that we can have our nurse come in every week and do a quick check up on Sam, help with dressing changes, get his weight, and we can do our monthly labs at home instead of having to haul him, and everything that goes with him, into the hospital. We are still in need of a break and are working on trying to get some respite care here once a week.

2009 is staring out with many positives and we hope we can continue to keep Sam healthy while keeping our sanity this year. Jason heads to Boston on Wednesday with Sam; hopefully we can keep the snow storms between here and Boston to a minimum next week.

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