Thursday, March 26, 2009


All of Sam's labs are back and ALL of them look better than I have seen them in months. Preliminary results on his culture were negative, but we expected that as there really was no other sign of an infection.

Sam has now been sleeping for almost 3 hours without waking and it has been almost 6 hours since the last shrieking fit. Maybe things are returning to normal?

Tomorrow we will be getting an opinion from Boston as they did not get a chance to review the labs today. They may still want to look further into this which would mean taking a look at his digestive system via a scope and we are really hoping to avoid that.

Hopefully we are headed for a peaceful night, Sam was so exhausted that he didn't even wake up when I changed him into his pajamas and hooked up his IV tonight. Mom and Dad need sleep, Dad needs to be able to function at work tomorrow and Mom will have another busy day of trying to coordinate care from three hospitals in two states.

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