Monday, March 23, 2009

Crawling, Teeth, and Growing...

In the two weeks before Sam's recent trip to Boston he gained two pounds and by the feel and look of him, we may have gained another pound this week. Sam was up to 17 lbs 1 oz at our nurse visit last week. We started Sam on Iron Dextran infusions a few weeks ago and so far his Hemoglobin has held steady and actually improved just a little bit. We are also trying a new medication to help with his acid reflux which, today, seems to be helping.

We have also gained two more teeth which Sam spends his days grinding. I have decided that grinding teeth is the worst noise in the world.

Sam has also decided that he is done with the pacifier. It started during the day, and now he won't take it at night or at nap time either. This is fine with us as we were envisioning a very horrible transition when we moved away from it.

Sam is very mobile now and goes wherever he wants, or at least he tries. We definitely can not turn our backs for a second or he is at the end of his line.

That is all of the Sam news, not much else going on right now. We are getting ready for a busy summer of remodeling the outside of the house and front yard and have a lot of work ahead of us for the summer, hopefully the weather cooperates.

We also wanted to let everyone know that we added a little girl named Faith to our Little Wonders section today. Faith is on her way to Boston Tuesday morning where she will hopefully become another Omegaven miracle. Her family has gone through a lot in her short life and we are very happy that they are on their way to visit Dr. Puder and the team in Boston.

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