Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Enthralling and Informative Visit To Milwaukee

Okay, that is an outright untruth. The latest in a frustrating run of non answers.

The CAIR team in Boston was not willing to change Sam's reflux medication as they wanted him to be seen by someone to ensure there is not more going on than just reflux. Not sure why this came up now since we have been dealing with the vomitting issues since December.

We finally got an appointment with our "local" GI today. After arranging to drop Ryan off at Grandma's and rearranging work schedules for the week we make the two hour drive to Milwaukee, which I just did on Friday.

We left there today more frustrated then when we arrived, no ideas, no answers, nothing. We will be making two more trips to Milwaukee before I leave for Boston on May 13th. They will be performing a Barium Upper GI study one day and then a few days later he will be having a Endoscopy. THese two tests will allow them to take a better look at what is going on in his digestive system. We also need to stop giving him his current reflux medicine so that these tests can be done without any chemical interference. We are in for a long few weeks. If the test show anything is not working correctly it could mean surgery. If the tests show nothing abnormal then we are back to square one, but then they will at least let us try the combination of meds we want.

Through all of this there really has been no change in Sam so we are not overly concerned. He is still gaining weight and growing, getting closer to walking on his own everyday, and generally happy and content most of the time.

Sam's weight has gone up to about 18.5lbs and we have been able to successfully move his "unhooked" time (off of all pumps) to 8 hours a day.

Besides the medical stuff we have been busy, busy, busy. Sam has a new cousin due to arrive any day and his uncle Joe got enganged this past week.

Amanda - there is still time to change your mind, although Ryan is very excited to have you as an aunt.

Tanya - Now that the baby is almost here your stuck with us one way or another for the rest of your life.

I will try to get some new phots and videos uploaded this week and we will update as soon as we get results back from our upcoming tests.

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