Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy Days

First off we wanted to welcome the newest member of our family, Everett. Everett was born last Friday morning and Ryan was so excited to have a new cousin. Sam, however, could care less...

Other than new members being added to our family, we are headed into a crazy week. Tomorrow (Thursday) Sam will be headed to Milwaukee for his upper GI study. Friday Oma will be arriving for a visit all the way from Georgia. Monday we will head back to Milwaukee for Sam's endoscopy. Wednesday Jason and Sam fly to Boston.

Mixed among all of that we had plumbers at the house today and I can't wait to brush my teeth tonight in a bathroom sink that actually drains after I wash dishes in a sink that actually drains, while doing laundry without the washer backing up all over the floor. While Sam and Jason are in Boston work will begin on our new windows, doors, and siding. Right about the time that is finished we will be headed to Chicago to spend a day with Bo, Jose, and Kinn which will be a nice little break before we start working on finally getting some landscaping done around the house.

Breaking our hearts this week is the fact that Sam is leaving the cuddle stage. He is getting very independent and wants to be down where he can move around, stand, and walk.

I miss my baby already and we are just not prepared for him to be a toddler yet. We missed so much in this first year with Sam being so sick and hospitalized so much. Sam is quickly learning what "no" means although most of the time he just grins at you and keeps doing what he was doing.

Sam's vomiting has still been an issue this week, although not as bad as we feared being off of the reflux meds. Hopefully we can make some progress this week in that respect with the tests in Milwaukee and our trip to Boston.

We will probably not get final results from the upper GI study until Monday, but we will post again as soon as we hear anything.

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