Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Off To Boston

Sam and I are off to Boston very early in the morning, but I wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know how our tests went this week.

The main thing we learned from the tests is that Sam does not have Acid Reflux. We were starting to assume this because he has been off of all reflux medication for well over a week and there has been no major change in his vomiting.

The second thing we learned is that Sam's stomach is abnormally small. Again, not shocking since he hasn't had anything in his stomach for the better part of 10 months. This could be part of the cause of his vomiting. Even though his body is producing a normal amount of gastric juices, there just isn't any room for it, and up it comes.

Right in line with the small stomach, his pylorus (the opening from his stomach to his intestines) is very, very small. This could also be the cause of his vomiting because his stomach contents are not able to drain properly.

Once piece of really good news is the there was not an ulcer to be found anywhere in his digestive system. This means that the ulcer he had in his esophagus a year ago has healed and that his vomiting as not caused any new ulcers.

We were presented with a few options from Milwaukee on what they can do to help with this, we will see what Boston has to say and then post more about our options while we try to make a decision.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge as Sam does not like to be held - he wants to be down on the floor and able to move around. I have a sneaking suspicion that tomorrow is not going to be an enjoyable plane ride.

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