Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Week

One week until a huge celebration.Here is where we are at seven days out...

Since Sam's recent infection he was healing nicely and his central line site looked really good.  Unfortunately Sam ripped his dressing and pulled on his line earlier this week.  He pulled hard enough to actually tear the site open and move the cuff (which is a piece of plastic that his body "heals" onto after the line is placed and holds it in his body).  Since that time, his site has deteriorated. 

Tomorrow I will be taking off his dressing to clean the wound and redress it.  Tonight I can see that he is still bleeding and there may be some other discharge as well. 

Depending on how the site looks on Sunday, we may be headed to Milwaukee for an admission where we will do everything we can to attempt to save the site.  If the infection has spread to the cuff we will most likely not get this infection to clear up and could mean surgery to place a new line.  This will be more complicated than it has been in the past as we have to either have a Femoral line placed (in his leg) or have them search for a usable vein elsewhere. 

Still hoping that the site looks worse now then it really is.  It is very possible that I could get the dressing off and clean the site and it could look fine. 

Either way, we are moving forward with plans for next Saturday.  Hopefully if we do end up in Milwaukee we can get in and get out and be home in time for the party.

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