Tuesday, March 16, 2010

While in Boston...

Well, time keeps slipping away from me and I never got back to the site to finish the post for Sam's birthday.  I just want to thank everyone who made it out to our house for Sam's party.  We collected a few boxes full of items for the patients and families at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - Fox Valley, and we were able to raise a fair amount of money to help out another family of a child who is a patient in Boston.  It was a very successful day all around and we can't wait to do it again next year.

Although Sam's infection cleared up with the last round of antibiotics, the site really hadn't healed at all yet.  I planned ahead and had Dr. Puder put Sam on the surgery schedule for Wednesday since we were going to be in Boston anyway.  Tomorrow is turning out to be a very busy day.

Tomorrow morning Sam is having an ultrasound done to look at his veins.  This is being done because  his last line placement was very difficult and took several times longer than a line placement should take. This study will help us narrow down where Sam still has veins that can be used for central access and which ones are not available.  We may gain back some of the unavailable sites as he (and his veins) grow, but we need to be able to keeps these lines and sites healthy for more than a few months.

Tonight when I changed Sam's dressing, I noticed that Sam's site has some discharge again and it looks like there may be another infection brewing.  Tomorrow at 1:30 (so like 4:30 hospital time) Sam will have a new line placed.  Hopefully everything will go well and Sam and I will both be back at the hotel tomorrow night.

I will post again tomorrow one we are out of recovery.

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