Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where has the time gone?

We have had a very busy and healthy summer. Just one short admission in early summer and we have been busy ever since.
The summer was full of fun, with trips to the waterpark, amusement park, and day trips to the campground.
In between all of that the neighborhood kids spent a lot of time at our house over the summer playing in the yard or the pool. Sam loved spending time with all of the kids.
He made some great friends and really got to socialize more than he probably ever has before.
Unfortunately, the summer had to come to an end. (Who am I kidding, we were all ready for school to start). Sam was excited to get back to school as you can see from his smile as we waited for the bus yesterday.
When the bus arrived I didn't even get so much as a goodbye and he was up the steps on his way to school. The past three and a half years have just gone by way too fast.

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