Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Unexpected Detour

Things have been going so well...

We thought Sam had come down with the flu right after we got home from camping this past weekend.  He was very tired and his stomach was upset.  He had been exposed to the summer flu by several people, including everyone who lives in out house, so it wouldn't have been a shock for him to get it.

Sunday evening he was complaining that his knee hurt.  This also made sense as I experienced a lot of stiffness and pain in my joints when I had the flu.

Monday evening he still wasn't feeling well and his knee had started to swell.  Never a good sign given his history with developing unexplained infections in both of his ankles within the last two years.

Into the ER he headed this morning with Mom.  Xray shows a ton of fluid.  Still in a lot of pain and they decided to keep him inpatient.

There is a concern regarding where the infection came from.  With no visible break down of his skin, signs point to something internal.

Tonight Sam had an endocardiogram done to look for Infective Endocarditis - basically an infection in the heart that can sometimes linger and hide even with antibiotics.  Still waiting on the results from that.

Tonight Sam is headed into surgery to have a drain placed in his knee to get rid of the infected fluid.  He will be in the hospital for a few days until the drain can be removed and then have a few more days of recovery at home.

Hopefully then we can get back to a run of good health and get him back to school  - which he has only managed to attend one day so far this year.

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