Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sam was discharged from the hospital Friday evening and things are slowly getting back to normal.

The tube that was inserted in Sam's leg was removed on Friday morning.  His incision will continue to drain for while, but it seems to be causing him less pain with each day that goes by.  Today we did get him to stand and take a few steps, but it will still be awhile until he is back to normal.

Sam will need to remain on IV antibiotics until early October.  Where this infection came from is a mystery.  His blood culture from his line never had any bacterial growth although his peripheral culture as well as a culture from the fluid drained from his knee grew staph. This truly looks like an infection that started somewhere other than his central line.  We just don't know where.  There is a possibility that a previous infection was hiding out somewhere, or the staph was introduced through a scrape or scratch.  We may never know.

We will be meeting with an immunologist in Madison in the coming weeks as they will like to take a closer look at his immune system.  His last few infections are not following a normal course for this type of infection so they will try to determine if there is some underlying issue with his immune system at work.

Also, if you are in the Appleton area,The Kaukauna Civic Engagement group (They do community work/fundraisers to help teach students they can make a difference) from Kaukauna High School will be holing a fundraiser at the Appleton North @ Kaukauna High School Football Game on Friday, September 21st 6:30 Pregame / 7:00 Kickoff. Please join us at the game if you can!!

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