Thursday, July 10, 2008

Four months old!

Sam turned four months old on Monday! There were a lot of days that we never thought we were going to make it to four months.

Not much has changed with Sam. His weight is still hovering between 8 pounds 5 ounces and 8 pounds 9 ounces, depending on which scale we are at that day. His direct bilirubin that we reported as 5.2 was an erroneous lab result. His very next set of labs came back with a 3.2 and we rose to 3.5 this week. Sam's liver enzymes continue to rise as well and we are very anxious to get to Boston and get Sam started on Omegaven.

We had a tentative date to check into Children's Hospital Boston on July 15th, but it looks like that is going to be delayed a little and they are still waiting for final approval from the finance and billing department - which was delayed due to having issues getting Sam's medical records off to Boston. Getting things arranged has taken up a lot of our time and we still have some arrangements to finalize, but we need to get that final date set first.

Sam had had a little bit of a cold - or allergies - over the last week and has now developed an ear infection. He is pretty crabby and sleepy, but he loves to get his antibiotic and acts like it is the best thing he has ever tasted. For him that isn't saying much - but he thinks it is a treat. Ryan had constant ear infections until we had tubes put in his ears, so we just hope that Sam doesn't head down the same path.

Otherwise things at home are still OK. We have our routine down and we manage to get through each day. We seldom find ourselves bored and it just seems like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to do. It seems like no matter how much we sleep, we are still tired. The months of stress have finally started to catch up with us. Everything we go through every day is worth it. There is nothing like the feeling we get every morning when Sam is the happiest and full of smiles. We have learned to appreciate the little things and cherish every moment with both of our children.

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