Monday, July 14, 2008

One step closer

Things are starting to come together and we are one step closer to getting Sam out to Boston. Medicaid has agreed to cover any medical bills that our primary insurance does not cover while we are in Boston. We are just awaiting final word from our primary insurance on whether or not they are going to accept or deny our appeal to their denial of coverage for the outpatient portion of Sam's treatment.

Other things are planned, but not finalized - we know which airline we will be flying and which flight we will be on, just not what day yet. We know where Deb will stay when she gets there and have started to create lists of things to pack.

Sam's weight was up slightly this week - 8 pounds 7 ounces. Unfortunately his bilirubin levels are up again this week as well and his direct bilirubin was at 3.8 today. We have gotten so used to him being yellow that we forget sometimes - until someone points out that our baby is yellow.

We hope to have a date set to check in at Boston in the next few days and have told them that we can be there as soon as they are ready.

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