Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good News / Bad News

Since our last update we have received several pieces of news regarding Sam's trip to Boston. Unfortunately we are still waiting for final approval from Boston to schedule a definite admission date.

Our primary insurance has denied our precertification for Sam's inpatient stay in Boston. There was some confusion regarding Sam's secondary insurance (Medicaid) and because of this the hospital did not send a precertification request to them. Medicaid will not pay for this visit if the precertification is not done, so we will need to wait and see what the response is on that before going. Our other option would be to skip the insurance for the inpatient portion, and cover this portion ourselves. We can make that happen if needed, but would prefer it if insurance picked up the tab for it. This means that everything is on hold until we can get these arrangements worked out.

We did get good news from the county this week; they have located some funds from family services to help cover the cost of our travel and lodging for our trip. Between this and the portion that Medical Assistance will be covering virtually the entire trip will be covered.

We are anxious to get things moving. We know that every day that we have to wait is just causing more damage to Sam's liver. We are still hoping to be in Boston by the end of July and will hopefully know more in the upcoming week.

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