Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Quiet Week

Actually, it has been almost two weeks since Sam's benefit, but who's counting days or weeks?

We wanted to thank everyone who made it out to Sam's benefit on the 18th. We all had a great time being able to be out and about, Sam and Ryan both had a terrific time.

Sam is doing well. We have been working with Physical Therapy on trying to get him to keep making progress with his development. This week he has really gotten the hang of rolling over, which can be a little frustrating when we are trying to get him to have some tummy time. All in all, considering his adjusted age and the amount of time he spent in the hospital he is doing very well developmentally.

Sam's weight gain has slowed to a crawl, actually stopped, but we are told that this is normal after such big gains previously and not to be concerned yet.

We are preparing for our clinic visit in Boston on November 13th. It is a little scary to go back. Our biggest fear is that he will get sick or something will go wrong while we are out there and then we will be stuck there until he is discharged. At least we know he will be well taken care of in the event anything does go wrong while in Boston.

The last few weeks have also been a little sad as Ally, one of the stories we have been following, passed away unexpectedly on October 13th. Her funeral was the same day as Sam's Benefit. Ally had many struggles in her life and she was a very strong little girl.

Another little girl, Emerson, has been in very rough shape over the last few weeks. We keep checking her website everyday hoping for good news. If you have a spare moment, please visit her site and leave a guestbook message. Her family is struggling and the guestbook messages mean a great deal, we know from experience.

Sam's good health is starting to scare us. We hope that there is not some "health bank" that we are building up interest in. We are always expecting the dreaded hospital stays and when they don't come we worry that we may be building up for something big...

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