Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Difference A Year Can Make

A year ago today we landed in Boston for the first time. What a crazy whirlwind of a day that was. Looking back it is hard to believe that at that time that Sam would be such a happy healthy boy.

And even though we commented yesterday about it being a nightmare that Sam is walking, we are thrilled at the same time. This is a huge milestone for him and he gets so excited when he walks. Just another thing that he can finally do that he sees his big brother do. Today, however, he was a little frustrated when he couldn't figure out how to climb the wrong way up the slide like Ryan did.

So, what else have we been up to while we aren't at a docotors visit, or in the hospital, or flying to Boston??? We have commented a few times about working on the house. Last March, right before Sam was born a month early, we found this abandoned, forclosed eyesore that we couldn't resist. At that time we had no idea, of course, what the next year was to bring or we may not have taken on this challenge. The last couple months have been spent renovating the outside of the house and putting in lanscaping. Yet another example of the difference a year can make.

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