Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Again

We have been successfully discharged from the hospital and are back home. Sam looked very relieved to see his own bed tonight.

The strain of staph that Sam has this time is not the same as the last two infections which is very good news. This, with the addition of E-Coli growing on the site, indicates that the infection most likely came from the day that sam ripped off his dressing and pulled his line. With three site infections in the last three months we are adding another step to Sam's dressing change routine to hopefully help eliminate any bugs from sticking to his line.

We will be watching his site for any signs of changes over the next few days, with any luck the antibiotics will do their thing and we can get rid of the infection and save the line. If the infection moves up his tunnel or doesn't clear up in the next few days then we will be readmitted to Milwaukee to have the line pulled.

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