Friday, March 28, 2008

FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2008 03:57 PM, CDT

Sam has developed a new symptom that he did not have before and has been vomiting quite a bit and his stomach is also not digesting the food that they are giving him which did not happen last time. He was not at the level that they need him to be yet this morning so they will continue to feed him today.

We had a care conference today with the social worker, doctor, etc... They reviewed with us everything that they have done up until now and what they plan for the future. They are now working with a specialist from Milwaukee, Dr. William J. Rhead, who is one of the top genetic & metabolic diseases specialists in the state. He believes that there is something that Sam's body just can not metabolize and the next round of tests will help narrow down where the problem lies.

They did bring up today that there is still the possibility that Sam may eventually need to be moved. Right now they are keeping him in Neenah as they do not see a benefit of having him in Milwaukee. Depending on what the current round of test show, or do not show, they have made mention that he may need to be moved to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

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