Monday, March 17, 2008

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2008 10:42 PM, CDT

First we wanted to say Thank You everyone for visiting this site and offering support. It really means a lot that there are so many people actively checking on Sam's status everyday.

Today was filled with good news and new uncertainty. They have now tested Sam for MANY different metabolic diseases and so far every test has come back negative. Sam has stumped all of his doctors and they have no idea what is wrong with him, basically they can't find ANYTHING wrong with him. This is great news and we are trying to treat it as such, it just leaves much to question.

Since all of the test results continue to come back negative, today started a new approach for him. At 5:00 this evening they added protein back into Sam's IV. They will continue to monitor him and watch for any changes to his blood gases. If all goes well and he is not showing any signs of acidosis by Wednesday then they will start giving him formula. If he still has no problems and gains weight we may be able to take him home by the end of the weekend. Hopefully things will progress this way for him. This would, of course, further baffle his doctors as we may never determine what caused his symptoms to begin with and it may forever be a mystery.

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