Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2008 07:50 PM, CDT

Today was a tough day. We are back to square one with Sam as every test that has been run has come back with normal results and they are not any closer to determining what is wrong with him.

Now they are faced with a new problem. In order to try to determine what is causing Sam to be so sick, he has to be sick. Since he has not been fed since last week he appears to be completely healthy right now, they will need to start feeding him again and make him sick so that they can run tests to try to find the cause. They began feeding him again this evening and we will have to watch him deteriorate over the next day or so. Most likely he will very quickly begin to lose weight and his color will go back to the unhealthy shade that is has taken a few times before. He will also become very lethargic and will not be awake very much over the next few days.

They have decided to keep Sam here in Neenah as they are already working with the specialist in Milwaukee and they do not think he will benefit from being down there.

So for now, we will wait some more and hope that something will show up in the next round of tests.

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