Tuesday, April 8, 2008

TUESDAY, APRIL 08, 2008 09:21 PM, CDT

Things deteriorated quickly for Sam today. The first sign was at his 3:30 AM blood gases. His blood PH had begun to drop and he was beginning to become acidotic again. At this point everything else seemed OK other than the mild weight loss and the odd stools. At 11:00 AM today he was lethargic, his color had gotten very pale and he had heavy dark circles under his eyes. Sam was awake from 9:00 AM today until almost 5:00 PM tonight and was very agitated. They believe that his body stopped processing the formula and everything was just sitting in his body, causing him a great deal of discomfort. His body temperature is also fluctuating so they are having a hard time keeping him comfortable because he keeps going from too hot back to too cold. They have discontinued feeding Sam again and moved him into a vibrating chair which has at least let him get comfortable enough to fall asleep for the last few hours. He just woke up when we changed his diaper so Deb is spending some time talking to him while I ran out into the lounge to do this update. His color has already improved and he is alert again, although you can still see his eyes wandering a bit.

For now Sam is back to getting all of his nourishment through the IV. They have ordered another formula for him that is broken down further and has no carbohydrates and they will begin feeing him that tomorrow. One of these times we are bound to have some luck and get at least one step closer to taking him home.

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