Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 02, 2008 02:14 PM, CDT

Sam continues to be happy and healthy today. There has been no change at all in his condition.

We received the results of his urinalysis today and absolutely everything came back normal. There are a few blood tests that we are still waiting for that were sent out to the Mayo Clinic, but they are not really expecting that anything will show on those test as most of them were repeat test.

Dr. Rhead in Milwaukee is stumped, and everyone that he has consulted with from the Mayo Clinic and Bethesda Naval Hospital are stumped as well. There are things that they can continue to test for, but this will mean feeding him and letting him get sick again. What is really baffling to them is that all of the symptoms that he presents don't match with many things that they have not already tested for. The good news is that all of the doctors around the country that have been consulted agree that moving him anywhere else, whether it be to the Mayo Clinic or to Bethesda, would not really benefit him at this point. They all agree that his the care he is receiving would not be better anywhere else and it is more beneficial for him to stay by his family.

They are going to try feeding him with a different formula that has certain thing already broken down in the hopes that they will stumble across something that will trigger more idea on what possibly could be wrong. Without any definite answers we will just continue to wait and see what happens and hope that eventually something will appear that will allow a diagnosis and let Sam come home.

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