Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 2008 03:25 PM, CDT

We so seldom get to post a lot of good news on the site, but today Sam weighs 5 lb 6 oz! All of the additional fluid he is getting has defiantly had an impact on him and he is looking much better today. His big blue eyes keep saying "Feed Me" to us all day long which means he must be feeling better too, even if he can't tell us in words. Sam had a new line inserted today so that they can draw blood from him much more easily. This will hopefully relieve some stress off of him so that they don't have to poke him. They have delayed his MRI and Endoscopy for now as they are waiting for more results from lab work and an analysis of his stool before they move forward with any invasive procedures or doing anything that they would have to sedate him for. They have been having trouble maintaining his Sodium levels in his body and have had to add additional sodium to his diet and are monitoring that closely. They are also mystified by the amount of protein that he is outputting in his urine. Since they know exactly how much protein he is getting each day, and know from his blood test that his body is absorbing the correct amount of protein they can't figure out where the extra protein is coming from. Sam also had a little bought of vomiting again overnight, which is odd because he has not been having anything put into his stomach for him to react to or vomit up. Deb got checked in to the Ronald McDonald house today, hopefully this will allow her to get a little more sleep at night while still being close enough to Sam to be able to visit whenever she wants. Ryan will be headed down to Milwaukee on Friday with us and it will be nice to have a place for him to relax and play as well. Hopefully this will enable us to spend some time together as a family which has been hard to do the last few days.

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