Friday, August 8, 2008

The ears again

Sam has developed an ear infection again. Since he is many miles away from his regular physicians, this meant a four hour visit to the ER in Boston. It also meant a very sleepless night last night for Mom and Dad, which was unfortunate since Dad had to go home today.

Sam developed a cough a few weeks ago which was getting better. Last night was a non stop cough-a-thon, but a chest x-ray was clear and there are no clear answers as to what is causing the cough.

Sam is still "puke free" since his first dose of Omegaven on Monday. We do not have any lab results to share yet as his first bilirubin panel will be next Wednesday, we are being optimistic and hoping to see that this has at least held steady (a small decrease would be better). We have decided that he is just a tiny bit less yellow today than when we first got to Boston, but our eyes could be playing tricks on us and we really want to come home as quickly as possible.

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