Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Surprise Visit Home

We post recently about how we were disappointed that Deb and Sam would not be able to make it back to Wisconsin for his Uncle Todd's wedding. That post was purely for Grandma's benefit. We were able to surprise her on Saturday when Jason came walking down the hall with Sam in his arms.

Sam was in good spirits all weekend. I had not seen him for two full weeks and I can definitely see a huge improvement in him. He is still jaundiced, but his color has improved and is much happier. He is also more active and his cheeks have defiantly gotten chubbier. He also discovered that he has a central line and likes to try to get a hold of it and pull on it if he gets the chance while his shirt is off. We could have gone without that discovery for a few more months.

Sam enjoyed the wedding and everyone was happy to see him. It was nice to have our entire family back together even if it was for just a few short days. Having him here definitely made an already joyous occasion even more so. Tomorrow Sam and Deb will be heading back out to Boston and will remain there until we are given the all clear to bring him back for good.

Since our camera made a visit to Wisconsin as well I was able to upload some new pictures. I also added a few short video clips. They are not very exciting, but we did get him to smile once or twice.

Sam will be having tubes put in his ears on Wednesday. Getting all of the fluid behind his ears out will hopefully mean no more ear infections and having to use antibiotics less frequently.

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