Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Happy Sam

Today, I have been told, was the happiest that Sam has ever been. He apparently spent most of his day today smiling and giggling with Mom and Oma. This is a big change for Sam; hopefully it is a sign of more good days to come. Every day it is hard to believe that it has already been 5 months since Sam was born. At the same time it is hard to believe that Sam was only born 5 months ago.

We don't really have any other news. The team in Boston continues to make small adjustments to his nutrition to get everything just right for him before we leave Boston. Tomorrow will be Sam's first bilirubin panel since he started Omegaven and we are anxiously waiting to see if there has been any change. As I have said before, most babies take a few weeks to start to see results, but the MID kids seems to react faster and we are still holding out hope that Sam will be the fastest ever so we can all get home again.

I have added a new page to the website that explains, in a very basic way, what our normal daily routine is for Sam. I have had a few people ask what we need to go through each day. You can see from that page that it really isn't too bad, but we make it sound easy. Grandma gets a headache every time she is around in the evening when we are prepping everything and getting him reattached for the day.

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