Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Green is Good

Sam's tubes went in today without a hitch. He had a little Morphine after the procedure and slept quite a bit.

He is a little cranky right now as they have had to arrange it so that he can not reach his infected skin on his chest. At least now he can't scratch, but he also can not get his hands to his face which does not make him happy.

When we started Omegaven we were told that one of these days Sam's stool would be green. We have been waiting and waiting, today was the day. This means that the Omegaven is working at that Sam's body is getting rid of the excess bile that was in his system due to his decreased liver function.

Sam's weight today broke 10 pounds! He had on his diapers so the 10 pounds 1 ounce is a little inflated, but we will still say he broke ten pounds today.

We have run into a few issues with Sam's benefit that was planned for September 20th. I have removed the poster from the website until a few decisions can be made and we have more definite information.

10 pounds and green poop make for a good day.

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