Sunday, August 17, 2008

How do babies know?

How do babies know when it is the weekend? Do they have a secret internal clock that kicks in on Friday evenings that tells the "It's the weekend, the doctors̢۪ offices are closed, get sick now"?

Sam was pretty fussy yesterday. Mom was very stressed out and very tired. Overnight his fussiness escalated into being completely inconsolable.

Sam's night ended with a trip to the ER. His blood work doesn't show anything very significant, other than his direct bilirubin has shot back up to 7.2 - looks like our hopes of being home within four weeks may be shot. His stomach was very distended, but no real cause for that has been found yet either.

He really does not have any signs of an infection, but they are not taking any chances and have started him on antibiotics. He may have a virus and may just have to wait it out. His stool output has been up a little over the last few days, but we also made a change to his oral feeds (from formula to straight Pedialyte) due to the stomach discomfort that he was feeling after eating. They do not believe that this change has anything to do with his recent output or behavior and are convinced that this is just a coincidence.

He is being admitted to the Hospital for observation for the next 24-48 hours and they are hoping that everything settles back down on its own. Hopefully this will give Mom some time to recharge her batteries as well.

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