Friday, August 1, 2008

A very long day

I am about to go to bed after being up for most of the last 39 hours.

Let me start by saying that Sam is fine, actually he is better than fine, and that as long as nothing horrible shows up over night we will still be on our way to Boston tomorrow.

Sam's Hemoglobin was so low last night that he probably should not have survived. No idea on the cause of that yet, but they are working on it. Sam has always been slightly anemic but never to this extreme. Once again he has fought a battle that he should not have been able to win and come out on top.

Sam had a transfusion this morning and will have another one later tonight. He will be discharged tomorrow afternoon (Thankfully we booked our outgoing flight from Milwaukee) and we will be heading to Boston. Sam will be admitted to Children's Hospital Boston on Monday at noon.

It was nice to see everyone at Children's in Milwaukee again, but I think that they would all agree they would prefer it under different circumstances.

Just to lighten the mood - Sam's room is just around the corner from where he stayed for a month at Children's the first time we were there. The feeling that we had never left and the lack of sleep caused me to go into the wrong room twice today. Thankfully I was only caught once.

Now we look forward to going through airport security with over 3000ml of fluid, sharp needles, and electronic equipment that can not go through the x ray machine tomorrow. We have prepared the best we can for that, but I am sure it wil still be frustrating.

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