Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good News / Bad News

The good news is that the weather has been beautiful in Boston and Ryan got to do some sight seeing. He was most excited about riding the train. We probably could have just done that all day and he would have been happy.

That's it for the good news.

The bad news is that Sam's infection spread to his insertion site. Due to this the decision was made to remove his line. The infection is the exact same strain of staph that he just got over from his last site infection and they are worried that even if we get the infection to clear the line, it will most likely hang out in his site and cause more problems in the near future. As I write this we are waiting for a slot to open up in the OR schedule so he can go have his central line removed. We will then need to have two cultures come back negative for 48 hours before a new line can be placed.

In other words, Sam will probably be inpatient until Thursday - but I think every time I update the site we add another day so really we have no idea when he will be leaving. Jason and Ryan will be headed back to Wisconsin on Tuesday and Deb will stay out in Boston until Sam is discharged.

Rearranging our return flights was a total nightmare and I won't even go into that other than to say we will never fly United ever again. I would gladly pay twice as much to fly another airline rather than ever book another flight on United. We normally fly Midwest, and at least they were nice enough to give me a little bit of a discount to book new flights back to Wisconsin when I explained the situation to them.

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