Friday, July 10, 2009

Guess where we are???

Well, I completely forgot to post when we were discharged from Milwaukee. Everything went well and we have a quiet few weeks at home.

This week was our clinic visit in Boston so the whole family packed up and flew out so we could spend some time as a family in Boston. Sam's clinic visit went well yesterday and everything looks good. Ryan is so excited to be staying in a Hotel and is even more excited at all of the plans that we have - (Well we HAD)รข€¦

Unfortunately, Sam had other plans on how we would be spending our free time. We are currently sitting in the ER in Children's Hospital Boston and will be admitted to the hospital for a minimum of 48 hours as Sam woke up with a 103.2 fever this morning. Looks like the culprit is either another site infection or a line infection, but we will know more once cultures are back.

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