Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Boston "Vacation"

Sam was finally able to have a new central line placed this evening. The surgery went well and he is doing fine. The plan is to discharge him from the hospital Saturday morning and head straight for the airport and for Deb and Sam to get out of Boston before anything else can go wrong.

We originally had planned on spending time seeing the sights during this trip to Boston. Although things did not work out as planned, we did alternate days at the hospital. The parent who was not at the hospital still got to go out for the day with Ryan and go on a few adventures. Unfortunately, our camera was in Sam's diaper bag at the hospital and we kept forgetting to grab it until the last day. Deb and Ryan went to the New England Aquarium on Friday and spent some time at the Boston Common. On Saturday I took Ryan back to the common (we were supposed to go to the Children’s Museum but we had an attitude problem that morning). We spent almost the entire day there playing and walking, we couldn’t' have asked for a more perfect day.

Deb and Ryan chilled at the hotel and spent some time at a playground near the hotel on Sunday as Ryan was starting to get worn out from all of the walking.

On Monday Ryan and I headed to Boston Harbor. We spent some time walking around the harbor and looked at the boats. It was another beautiful day so Ryan got to play in the fountain. He begged all morning to go on a boat ride. In my mind I was picturing a nice relaxing cruise around the harbor. Ryan, of course, picked CODZILLA. A speedboat thrill ride. He was by far the youngest on the boat and before we left the dock I took a look around and wondered if other people on the boat we looking at us and thinking that I was crazy to have this little kid on this boat. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun, Ryan wanted to do it twice, but at $25 a piece that was not in my plan for the day.

Ryan's favorite part of the whole trip though was riding the subway. I guess at $1.70 I could have save a lot of money if we had just stayed on the train all day long.

With any luck the next time we post Sam will be home with another brand new, fully intact, infection free line.

Next week we are headed for another adventure. Our family has always camped in the summer. Last year I took Ryan and Deb stayed home with Sam. He was far too sick to camp last year at this time. This year we are attempting something that will probably make Sam's doctors (and several TPN kid's parents) cringe if the ever find out. The entire family will be tent camping for 4 night with no electricity and no running water. This is how we always camp, just never with a TPN dependent baby before. If we survive this, we can survive anything.

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