Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will this week ever end?

Last night everything looked good for surgery this morning to place a new central line. The plan was to discharge Sam Friday and have Deb and Sam fly home Saturday. Feeling confident that everything would go as planned I booked a ticket for their return flight and went to bed.

My night did not go well as Ryan was up all night coughing and generally miserable. By this morning it was obvious that something more than a cold was going on. It turns out that Ryan has croup and an ear infection. As much as I love spending time with Ryan, I really was not planning on taking yet another day off of work today.

During all of this they pulled labs on Sam in preparation for surgery and found that he is dehydrated. No surgery this morning. Later labs showed improvement but not enough to get him on the surgery schedule this afternoon. Hopefully they will be able to get him in overnight or early tomorrow morning which will be our last chance to still get a discharge late in the day on Friday.

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