Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sam still has not receovered from our inpatient stay in Boston last week. He is still struggling to stay hydrated and in general is not feeling or looking well. We had labs pulled this morning and the labs do not look too bad, but they are not matching up with what we are seeing. His mouth and lips are very dry and he is very pale. I don't remember seeing his energy levels this low since we started Omegaven almost a year ago. Due to this he was admitted tonight to Children's Hosital of Wisconsin in Appleton.

They are hoping that a few more rounds of additional fluid, on top of the extra fluid we have been giving him at home, will perk him back up and this will turn out to be nothing. They will be running additional labs in the morning and if anything shows up we will post more information.

Unfortunately this had put an end to yet another family vacation. Ryan and I may still head up to the campground at somepoint this week but camping is definately not in Sam's immediate future.

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