Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Month of Omegaven

Sam has officially been an Omegaven baby for 1 month. All signs are pointing to a homecoming in the near future.

Sam continued to have lots of green poo over the weekend. Sam went from yellow to pink pretty much overnight last Wednesday night, Mom went for a walk on Friday and received zero comments about Sam being yellow. All good signs. We are anxious to see what his bilirubin and liver panel look like this week.

We don't have much else to report. Fortunately there just hasn't been a lot going on with Sam for the last few days for us to report.

We are definitely tired of having our family split up by just a great distance and it is starting to wear on both of us. We just keep telling ourselves that it will just be a short time until we can all be home together again.

Ryan's birthday is tomorrow, the 3rd. We were hoping that Mom would be here for his birthday, but it just didn't work out that way. Ryan knows that his birthday is September 3rd, but with his 4 year old knowledge of the calendar we have decided that it will be September 3rd when Mom comes home no matter when Mom comes home.

I have been slowly updating the rest of Sam's website as time allows and published most of the updates yesterday. The updated "What is Microvillus Inclusion Disease?" Page contains an image of a cell from Sam's intestine and a normal intestinal cell. There are other updates and new pages as well, please take a moment to explore.

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