Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back In The Hospital

Sam was admitted back into the hospital today, the infection on his chest is back. Not quite as bad as last time, but we can't take any chances. We could have tried to manage this with antibiotics at the hotel, with the weekend coming up that was sure to lead to a 5 hour visit in the ER for Deb over the weekend.

On the brighter side of things, or delayed homecoming has enabled us to have an experience that we may have otherwise missed out on. From time to time we mention Bo on our site. Bo also has Microvillus Inclusion Disease and has been on Omegaven since October of '07. Bo and his parents will be in Boston the 13th to the 21st so we will get a chance to meet with them. We are very excited to meet them and since they have over a year on us with Bo, we are sure to walk away with some good advise and knowledge. As an added bonus, I heard form Bo's mom today that we may also get to meet the Cyr family from Maine. Mallory and Maisy Cyr are sisters who both have Microvillus inclusion disease. Out of all the information we have found, their story gives us possibly the most hope for Sam. You can read about them from the link on the "Little Wonders" page of Sam's site.

Our goal is to leave Boston on September 21st. As long as Sam cooperates and his direct bilirubin continues to drop at a similar rate we should be getting the green light to leave Boston shortly before that and still have time to meet up with our new friends from Michigan and Maine.

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