Monday, September 22, 2008

A Long Journey

At last we can all be home together after the long journey we started 50 days ago.

We arrived back in Wisconsin yesterday, a very uneventful journey home, just as planned. Everyone is amazed at how good Sam looks and how different he acts. It really is a huge change. I have added new pictures and if you visit the Omegaven page there is a good side by side comparison.
We will never be able to say Thank You enough to everyone who made it possible for Sam to receive Omegaven in Boston and saving Sam's life. Sam still has a long, sometimes difficult, road ahead of him. It has been easy to forget the fact that Sam still has a life threatening disease when he looks and acts so healthy.

The night was not as kind to us as a failed pump and troublesome tubing adapter led to very little sleep. These things always seem to happen in the middle of the night.

We were so fortunate to meet two families out in Boston that have really touched our lives.

The Velarde-Chan family met up with us on Friday for dinner and conversation. It was nice to be able to sit down and talk with someone who knows exactly what you are going through. Bo took full advantage of being the "big" kid for once and kept stealing Sam's nook, then the boys had a pooing contest to see who could poo the most during dinner. All in all a very enjoyable evening. We are hoping to meet up with them again in Chicago before we hibernate for the winter.

We enjoyed dinner with Sean and Chelle Cates on Saturday. Their son, Carter, went to Boston for Omegaven in April. Unfortunately due to a complication caused during an endoscopy, Carter was listed for a multi visceral transplant instead. Carter has recently developed some complications and is back in the ICU at Children's. There are a lot of questions and few answers for them right now. I do not remember ever meeting anyone as positive and uplifting as Sean and Chelle. Even during everything they are going through they would never hesitate to do whatever they could for anyone else. Many visitors to our site having been saying prayers for Sam. Sam is having a good spell right now and can spare a few prayers and well wishes. Tonight we are asking everyone to please focus your prayers and thoughts to be with the Cates family instead. Carter's website can be found on our "Little Wonders" page, or directly at . Hopefully Carter will recover soon and will be healthy enough to have a few visitors when we return to Boston in November.

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