Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our First Line Infection Has Arrived

Sam has had fevers before. It is always a big panic to make sure there is no infection in his line. The fevers always turn out to be nothing and we normally never figure out what was causing the fever.

We didn't get lucky this time. Sam's has developed an infection. Today they are adding a third antibiotic to target the strain that is growing in Sam's blood. Hopefully we can get this to clear up with antibiotics, if not we will need to move him back to Milwaukee to have his line removed and a new line placed. Infections are very scary for Sam, especially when they are in his blood and free to move around his body.

We are so careful with his line, and watch everyone who accesses his port like a hawk. We have only been home from Boston for three days and nobody except us has accessed his port since we left Boston. Now we need to go back at look at our procedures and try to look for gaps where we can be even more careful. We may just start wearing bio-chemical suits around the house...

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