Monday, September 29, 2008

Sam 1, Infection 0

Sam appears to be winning the battle with his line infection and left the Hospital Sunday. Thankfully he has responded well to the antibiotics and we did not have to remove his line. 10 days of antibiotics will hopefully eliminate any remaining bacteria.

We weren't sure what to expect with our most recent hospital visit. This was the first time that Sam was admitted to the pediatric floor of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - Fox Valley. All in all it went well. Most of the nurses had seen Sam before when he was in the NICU and they were all very impressed with the way he looked. The pediatricians were equally impressed and I think that they are firm believers in the fact that Omegaven works. (We heard the comment "I can't believe this is the same baby" many times). Sam as a patient and us as parents we can be a little overbearing on the hospital staff, but we left there with a good feeling and will not hesitate to return when needed and avoid the long trip to Milwaukee unless absolutely neccessary.

Time to sleep, only 5 hours and 20 minutes until the next dose of antibiotic...

If you haven't had the chance, please watch the "Sam's Journey" video on Sam's homepage. If you are an emotional person, have a kleenex or two ready.

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