Monday, September 8, 2008

Just In time

Just in time for Oma's visit to Boston, Sam will be spending the night in the hospital for observation. So far all of his labs have come back OK. Potassium is a little high, but Mom knew that was coming due to the fact that his stool output has been so high and his replacement fluid has some Potassium added.

Since he was having all sorts of blood drawn anyway, they ran a bilirubin panel today. Unfortunately Sam's decrease has only been .2 over the last six days, unless that drop starts to pick back up we may have to delay the homecoming a bit. That would fit right in line with our luck since the plane tickets were purchased yesterday.

We did get some really good news over the weekend, I can't share it yet and it has nothing to do with Sam, but it was nice to get good news for a change...

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