Saturday, May 10, 2008

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2008 03:48 PM, CDT

As expected we really have not had much going on the last few days. Sam has been feeling fine and been alert for long periods of the day. Since he has been feeling better he has spent some time with the physical and occupational therapists who are helping to get him to "catch up" to where he should be developmentally. He is learning how to hold small objects and is getting very good at following items with his eyes.

We received back some preliminary results from Sam's biopsies today. We will not have any final results until Monday, but so far his biopsies have not shown any definative answers as to what is going on with him. The GI team had a pretty large list of things that they were looking for, and it looks like Monday's results may rule out many or all of the diseases they were suspecting. They are still continuing to work closely with the genetic and metabolic specialist as his symptoms fit so closely with a malabsorption disorder. We also learned a little more about his intestines. While they still do not know what is causing the "flat-gut" in his small intestines, they are hopeful that this may be able to heal itself with treatment once a diagnoses is made. Because it is starting to look like most of the GI diseases will be ruled out when we get the results on Monday, they have not called in another team of doctors to begin a work up on Sam. There are several auto-immune disorders that could potentially cause issues that Sam is experiencing so the auto-immune group is doing a full work up on Sam. They will be pulling a blood sample on Monday for this and should have results fairly quickly. We met with two of the doctors on that group today. After looking over his history and examining him, they at least do not think that he could have any of the extremely serious auto-immune disorders They said that they really do not think that they will find anything with the blood work on Monday, but are going to proceed with the test on Monday anyway so they can positively rule out this possibility.

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